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We combine the most advanced technological means in commercial diving with the best qualified professionals in the region to offer any underwater activity.


We solve complex diving problems safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

If you're submerged, we are the solution.

Targeted at Shipping Companies, Agencies, and Construction Companies.

At CR Diving Operations, we offer professional and ethical commercial diving services to carry out operations with excellent quality. We have a resource of professional and highly qualified human talent, optimizing our resources for the benefit of our clients under a philosophy of commitment, loyalty, and fulfillment.

Our Services

Over 8 years of experience with renowned clients backing us, from Mexico to Colombia.

Civil Works: port construction, control of breakwater discharge, dredging of sludge and sand, placement of concrete caps, submerged concrete placement, block placement, gravel soil leveling, underwater measurements, bathymetry.

Buoys: Sale, installation, and maintenance of navigational and measurement buoys.

Pollution control: Crisis management for hydrocarbon spills, installation and removal of barriers, skimmers, and flexible tanks in the sea, ports, and reservoirs.

Non-destructive testing

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